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When are you actually an employee and why should you know that?

The case law defines an employee as follows:

An employee is who:

  • based on a private law contract (employment contract)
  • paid services for a third party (salary or wages)
  • provides in personal dependence. The personal dependency means being bound by instructions regarding the working hours, the place of work and the work content.

If you are an employee then you have many legal advantages over being a freelancer or self-employed person. These benefits include:

  • Entitlement to continued remuneration in the event of illness and on public holidays
  • Right to vacation
  • Mother and dismissal protection
  • optional: employment relationships regulated by collective agreements and works agreements

Above all, however, there is social security. After all, your employer pays for you into the statutory pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, long-term care insurance and accident insurance.

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