Marc-Oliver Schulze

Specialist lawyer for labor law & privacy expert

Marc-Oliver Schulze

Office Nürnberg

About Marc-Oliver Schulze

Attorney Schulze is an expert in the field of BR co-determination regarding technical systems (§ 87 (1) no. 6 BetrVG) and the related data protection regulations. He regularly publishes specialist articles on these topics and is author of the handbook on data protection and co-determination (Bund-Publishing House). In the Hand Commentary on the Works Constitution Act (edited by Prof. Düwell, Nomos Publishing House), he comments on the regulations governing the Group Works Council. In the Hand Commentary on Labour Law (edited by Prof. Dr. Däubler, Nomos Publishing House), he comments on the regulations concerning employee and works council rights in insolvency.

Attorney Schulze serves as a speaker in all areas of labor and industrial constitution law. He publishes in the works council journals Arbeitsrecht im Betrieb (AiB) and Computer und Arbeit (CuA) published by the Bund-Publishing House as well as in specialist journals on Labour Law, e.g. Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht (NZA) and Arbeitsrecht Aktuell (ArbRAktuell) published by C.H. Beck.

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