Eva Ratzesberger

Specialist lawyer for labour law *

Eva Ratzesberger

Office Nürnberg

About Eva Ratzesberger

She is fluent in English and supports works councils in complex operational changes at international level. A further focus of her work is advising works councils on the introduction of technical systems (§ 87 (1) no. 6 Works Council Constitution Act / BetrVG) and the resulting data protection issues, also and in particular against the background of the entry into force of the EU-DS-GVO.

Eva Ratzesberger studied in Erlangen and Cork (Ireland). She completed her exams with distinction. Before joining AfA, she was employed in a tax and commercial law firm where she was responsible for advising clients in all areas of civil law.

As an author, she contributed towards a comprehensive publication on the Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG). In addition, she regularly writes articles for the works council journal Company Labour Law / Arbeitsrecht im Betrieb (AiB) published by Bund Publishing House and the journal of Labour Law / Arbeitsrecht Aktuell (ArbRAktuell) published by C.H. Beck. She is also a full-time columnist for our AfA Blog.

*in employment status