Annika Pilz

Specialized attorney for labour law *

Annika Pilz

Office Bamberg

About Annika Pilz

Annika Pilz specialized in labour law during her legal training and has been working for AfA Rechtsanwälte exclusively in the representation of employees and works councils since 2010. In addition to collective law mandates, she particularly specializes in the law on protection against dismissal, the negotiation of termination agreements and the procedure for individual law warnings. Furthermore, she also represents employees and executives in all other individual-law matters, such as employment reference checks, claims, contract reviews and mobbing. Due to her longstanding  experience in representing employees and works councils, she provides excellent professional expertise and outstanding negotiating skills.

Annika Pilz has held the title of specialist attorney for labour law since 2014 and works at our Bamberg office. She has represented works councils and employees nationwide for many years, both in and out of court.

*in employment status