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In addition to sound expertise in employment law, advising the management of a company requires knowledge of the corresponding corporate and tax law regulations.

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Fees for executives

What you would expect from us.

Our services are always invoiced on the basis of the statutory fees (Lawyers’ Fees Act, RVG). Depending on the nature of our work, it may be advisable for both parties to agree on a fee with a fixed hourly rate.

We will be happy to discuss the details with you in an initial consultation. In this case you will have to expect fees of up to 190,00 € plus VAT.

Our lawyers

Our lawyers specialize exclusively in labor law and therefore have excellent expertise in advising employees, executives and works councils.






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Initial consultation after dismissal

You have received a termination of employment notice and are looking for fast assistance? Take advantage of the possibility of an initial telephone consultation with an employment law expert from AfA Lawyers (Rechtsanwälte)

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Short deadlines often apply in labor law. With us you can get an appointment quickly, if necessary on the same day. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can take action!

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