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Have you received a notice of termination and are you looking for quick help? Take advantage of the possibility of an initial consultation by telephone from an employment law expert from AfA Rechtsanw├Ąlte. Your questions will be answered immediately – directly on the phone.

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Initial consultation after dismissal

Use an initial consultation when terminating your employment contract.

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Initial consultation including viewing the documents. Clarification of all costs and risks.

Well-founded and competent advice from an AfA labor law attorney.

Telephone appointment immediately, usually on the same day, guaranteed the next working day.

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Initial consultation after dismissal

You have received a termination of employment notice and are looking for fast assistance? Take advantage of the possibility of an initial telephone consultation with an employment law expert from AfA Lawyers (Rechtsanw├Ąlte)

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2. Documents

3. Initial consultation

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Important Documents

  • employment contract
  • termination
  • payroll for the last month and / or December of the previous year
  • warning(s)
  • testimony
  • post from the labor court (application, summons, etc.)
  • Legal protection insurance documents (if available)


legal protection insurance
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